Breaking Bread is a musical set in a small Ukrainian village in 1931, and follows the story of a young girl, Nadia, against the backdrop of the tragic consequences of soviet ideology imposed upon her fellow villagers.


It’s 1931, and young Nadia dreams of being a singer in her small farming village of Semenivka in eastern Ukraine.  Nadia’s parents want her to marry dependable Yevhen so that they may pass the hard-won family farm to their only child.  Her parents’ ideals are shackles to Nadia, whose idea of freedom is a life of individualism rather than narrow tradition.

When Stalin’s modernization policies bring Communists to Semenivka, Nadia sees the newcomers as her salvation from the drudgery of rural life and traditional family expectations.  Nadia looks up to newcomer Inna and falls in love with Communist activist Alexei, and her parents try even harder to pull her back into their fold.

However, history holds other plans, and Nadia quickly struggles to rationalize her prior goals and beliefs.  Eventually, it becomes a struggle for life itself.

Development History

Myron Genyk and Lesia Chytra began developing Breaking Bread in August 2017.

In January 2018, the first draft of the show was workshopped at Sheridan College with eleven very talented alumni from the Music Theatre program, which culminated in a 35-minute showcase presentation.

Working from workshop participant feedback, the show was extensively re-worked to its current form.

In August 2018, new material was workshopped at Sheridan College with the Music Theatre summer interns.

In November 2018, Myron and Lesia will facilitate a two-week workshop at the Plast Huculak Centre in Etobicoke ON, which will culminate in two public showcase performances.